The truth is cruel

I just….I honestly cannot. Roy Mustang has always been my favorite character in FMA and this scene is the one that made me start crying. 

Roy had to pay a toll even though he never CHOSE to go through the Portal of Truth, he was forced. Truth does not discriminate between the innocent and the sinners; that’s a lesson not only Ed but we ALL learned in this scene. 

And THAT is why this show is so powerful. Because that’s real: equivalent exchange is bullshit. It is not a life philosophy to live by. Shit happens to good people, to bad people, to everyone. You may be able to chose the path you go on in life and the things that happen to you have to do with that BUT when someone gets sick, when someone gets in an accident? It’s not because of what they’ve done, it’s because shit HAPPENS. Things are taken away from you even if you don’t get given something in return.

But something that Brotherhood and the manga do that I think is so important is that  even with this fact, it doesn’t mean you can’t be happy. It doesn’t mean your life is over. Ed and Al moved on and pulled through their entire journey with their disabilities. Roy is seen studying Ishvalan facts in his hospital bed, knowing he’d never get his eyesight back before Marcoh arrived. Izumi Curtis took two kids into her care, two kids WITHOUT parents, and taught them everything she knew.

Shit happens, but life doesn’t have to stop because of it.  

I also think this scene is powerful because this is when Roy finally realized just how much Ed and Al had to go through at such a young age. Throughout the series, he knew how much shit they went through, but then he actually experienced it… well, part of it. And I think he was just like, “Wow, okay, fuck… this is scary.”

I’m not good with words, I hope you guys understand what I’m trying to point out.

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